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Certified Can Help You

No matter what your career goals, Certified’s staff has the expertise and the connections to help you maximize your potential in today's job market.

Find Opportunity

Certified has developed long-standing relationships with many of Northern California's most highly rated firms. When our clients need to fill a key position or are gearing up for a large project, they call us first. We have positions not advertised anywhere else!

Get Your "Foot in the Door."

Our experienced recruiters will take the time to get to know you and to learn about your skills, experience, availability and goals. Certified staffing specialists can help you fine-tune your resume, as well as provide career counseling. Your skills and experience may be highly marketable in an industry you haven’t considered. Our service provides that valuable connection which can help you get an interview and land the job!

Improve Your Skills

We offer our registered candidates free software tutorial programs to hone their skills. Whether you are in between assignments or close to finding your ideal position, you can improve your marketability by improving your office skills.

People choose to work as a temporary employee for lots of different reasons.
Some for just a short while.... others as a lifestyle.

As Your Employment Representative and Partner

We want you to succeed in the workplace. We’d like you to be aware of what to expect when you work through Certified:

Come to your interview with Certified dressed professionally and be prepared to discuss your work history and preferences. First impressions really count! Present your qualifications honestly to avoid embarrassment and a poor job match. To assure that our clients’ expectations are met and that we make a good job match for you, we thoroughly interview, test, and reference check each candidate.

Take advantage of our software training tutorials to update or maintain your computer skills. These skills are vital to your success.

Stay flexible and ready to work. Successful candidates adapt to different work environments and people. You must have the ability to function as part of a team. We are optimistic about the job scene but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer you an assignment. Opportunities shift and change often.

Always ask if there is anything else you can help with when you have finished your assigned tasks.

We and our clients expect you to be on time to your assignment, to give 100% attention to your job, to keep personal concerns out of the workplace, and to respect client confidentiality and property. If you have any concerns or questions about your assignment, call us and let us problem solve with you.

Be sure that you represent yourself professionally on social/professional networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Potential employers frequently check these sources to aid in forming an impression of a candidate.


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