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Our Staffing Services

Certified offers a range of proven solutions for your staffing needs. Our core services include:

Temporary Placement

Fill positions at any level with temporary employees—both conventional placements and unique, hard to fill openings.

Our Professional recruiters work on your behalf, accessing our pre-screened pool of applicants.

Minimal employment liabilities- certified covers all insurance requirements, tax liabilities and government reporting.

Temp-to-Hire Placement

Allows both parties to evaluate the viability and compatibility of a placement prior to hiring a candidate.

Direct Hire Placement

We fill positions at all levels by sourcing both active and passive candidates.

We identify a skill set, target organizations, and use multiple search methods to identify potential candidates.

Certified Employment Group has a retention rate of over 90% on Direct Hire Placements!

Certified's Payroll Service

Certified assumes responsibility for federal and state documentation requirements, satisfies all payroll tax liabilities, manages workers’ compensation and unemployment claims, issues W2’s, and provides employee benefits.

Positions at all levels can be payrolled through Certified Employment Group.

Add staff at minimal expense using our Payroll Service.

1099 Independent Contractors

Determining the correct status, contractor or employee, is determined by reviewing a wide variety of factors. Certified's program is designed to help your firm determine the proper worker classification.


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