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As a full service staffing company, Certified Employment Group has a wide range of clients. Our specialty divisions serve industries ranging from legal and healthcare to insurance and technology, while a variety of programs efficiently and cost-effectively manage the staffing needs of companies large and small.

Our clients share one thing in common - satisfaction. We want you to feel confident in choosing Certified as your staffing partner. Here is what our clients say about us:

Certified Clients

"I can always count on Certified Employment Group when in the market for new candidates. The team at Certified is easy to work with, knowledgeable about the local employment market, and offer a good value for the money. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new agency to partner with. "
- Erina K., Aerospace and Defense Company

"I have been working in HR for a couple of years. Partnering my manufacturing companies in Lincoln, CA with Certified's recruiting power has been a game changer. When I've been unable to recruit hard working assemblers, Certified comes through with well-vetted and satisfactory performers (need 4 people? they got you! need 25? they got you!). Thanks to them, my companies have been fully staffed, even through the 2020-2022 work challenges. Most of the time we hire our temps after they fulfill their hours. However, if & when issues have come up, Certified has us covered. I highly recommend you use this agency. "
- Shelly C., Cold Plunge Manufacturer

"The staff at Certified Employment Group are amazing and easy to work with. They do an excellent job finding high quality candidates. [Certified] in particular has helped me fill multiple positions, and has made the process easy and efficient while being incredibly thorough. Working with [Certified] and the staff at Certified Employment Group in Santa Rosa has been by far the easiest and most successful experience I have ever had working with a staffing agency to find incredible people!"
- Christopher R., Wine, Beer, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Supplier

"I worked with [Certified] to hire a temporary staff member and I was thoroughly impressed at the quick response time in finding a number of top notch people, and answering my questions. We are very, very happy with Diana, who is professional, punctual and conscientious. I highly recommend Certified."
- Tracie S., Health Care Services

"We have been working with Certified for well over three years. They are a great staffing agency. [They] are always so helpful and have staffed us with right people for our business needs. Only once in three years did we have an issue with an employee and they were very quick to resolve it!"
- Julie M., Education Publishing and Assessment Services

"Working with [Certified] and the team at CEG has been wonderful! This was our first time working with a temp agency and I have to say it will definitely not be our last. Our temp is fantastic and so is CEG! I can't say enough good things about this experience."
- Susan D., Health Care Services

"Our company has relied on [Certified] for the past several years to provide excellent seasonal staffing for us. They go above and beyond to find the best fit for our needs. I've also used them to find direct-to-hire positions on both staff and management levels and always receive quality candidates. They also were a tremendous help to find work for my teenager who needed a job. They will continue to be on my "speed dial"!"
- Katy D., Wine Industry Supplier

"Fantastic skilled great secretary-computer person who posted the necessary code on my opening appellate brief. Sweet and caring. I'm using Certified again for sure."
- Peter K., Legal Services

"I would like to express my appreciation on how hard "[Certified] worked for me on this project. I started it with another agency and ended with you guys. I will go to you first for any needs in the future. "
- Mike F., Wine Cork and Glass Supplier

"I own a small business in Santa Rosa (25 employees) and have traditionally done all of my own interviewing and hiring. This has always been a time consuming and frustrating task. With the the small team we have in place, and the recent growth we have been experiencing, finding the time to dedicate to getting solid people in the building has proven to be extremely difficult....good help is hard to find. Despite this, I still hadn't ever really considered an agency. I had never used one before and thought that finding good candidates was something I could easily do myself utilizing the popular job sites. At the beginning of this year, we found ourselves needing a new Accounting Department Head. We went through the typical channels and found what we thought was a super star for the role.We couldn't have been more wrong. See more.

This employee was a complete disaster, and over the course of the next 2 months proceeded to destroy our company file in Quickbooks. There were so many things done incorrectly that our financial reports had no integrity whatsoever. Upon discovering this, we were clearly in an emergency situation that needed immediate resolution. This was what prompted me to reach out to Certified Employment Group. After a single call and email explaining the situation, they got right to work. Later that day they had sent over the resume of a very qualified candidate that was currently employed. We made what I thought was a ridiculous request to interview him the next day. To my surprise, they were able to make it happen!! The candidate was an excellent fit, matched perfectly to the specialized job description we provided to Certified. Two short weeks later, the employee was in seat and has been kicking ass. We absolutely never would have found this perfect candidate on our own. I am so grateful to the team at Certified. We had several of their team members working on our hire, and the service we received from all of them was over the top. Great communicators, timely, friendly, and professional. Sheila and Sherie in particular were awesome! We will definitely be utilizing their services for any and all important hires moving forward." See Less.
- Rory K., Grow Tent Services

"I have worked with Sherie and Certified Employment Group for many years. Sherie has always provided excellent customer service. She listens to what our needs are and works to find a candidate who is a good fit for the position we need to fill. Sherie and her staff are truly a pleasure to work with. They are responsive to our needs and easy to work with from an administrative perspective as well. "
- Lisa H., Rail Transit Services

"By the way, in 5 years I have not been wowed by temp work and always felt it was a necessary evil dealing with people who don’t really seem like they want to work. The crew this week plus your attentiveness has made this experience actually somewhat enjoyable. I think yesterday was the first time I laughed out loud that I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the workers, something simple, but was foreign in the past. I look forward to the next opportunity to use your service. "
- Joe N., Winemaking Services

"[Certified] has been my "GO-TO" person for hiring Temps on a regular basis. I have been very pleased with the candidates [they] present to me and have hired numerous candidates that have turned into regular full-time employees. If you want a quick delivery, quality candidates, a great attitude (easy to work with), and accountability - HIRE [CERTIFIED]!"
- Michelle M., Cladding Construction Services

"It is with pleasure and confidence that I submit this letter of recommendation/ testimonial for Certified Employment Group. I originally started working with [Certified] while at Ebara Technologies, Inc. in 2006. [They] presented themselves in a professional manner, listened to our needs, and always delivered the highest level of customer service. [Certified] was a joy to work with and truly developed a partnership with our company to provide quality temporary staffing services, which made my job much easier. I would recommend Certified Employment Group to any employer looking for a responsive and efficient person to partner with their organization for staffing needs."
- Sara C., Health Care Services

"After much research we decided to use Certified to fill a temp to hire position at our company. They were very helpful in finding us someone right away. The person they recommended was very professional and eager to start right away. So far we've been very pleased with everything they have had to offer our company. We will not hesitate to use them again."
- Kanani S., Pest Control Services

"Working as an office manager for a nonprofit that is seasonal work we used Certified Employment Group each year to find and hire great workers. We were always pleased with the workers that were sent out to us...I will continue to use them as the needs arise!!"
- Melissa C., Non-Profit Educational Organization

"I have worked with Certified for many years. [They] are always helpful in finding us very good and skilled people to work for us. Certified goes above and beyond to help in any way possible. They have good relationship with their employees."
- Doreen B. , Data Storage Technology

"I have had the pleasure of working with Certified Employment the past few years. They have always been professional and friendly and worked hard to locate the perfect person for our specific needs, be it a temporary or temp to perm hire. I have had the occasion to call very late in the day for a temp for the next morning and they are quick to get someone for us. They are customer service oriented and very professional! I have worked with other staffing agencies in the past and have never been treated so well. Every time I contacted their office, there was always a friendly staff member to take care of me. They don’t just send a body to fill the slot, they take pride in sending the right person out. I would recommend Certified Employment Group to any manager that needs a qualified individual for their team and enjoys being taken care of through the entire process. I will continue to use them for all of my staffing needs in the future."
- Beatriz M., Non-Profit and Public Interest Organization

"I have been working with Certified for a few years now and it has been a very enjoyable experience. Their staff has consistently supplied us with candidates that have been a great fit for our organization. We have even been able to convert some of their contractors to become Golden 1 employees. That in itself is a huge compliment as to how Certified continually listens to their customer’s needs. I truly anticipate that our working relationship will be even better in the coming years and that we’ll continue to use Certified as one of our primary vendors of temporary help."
- Richard A., Financial Cooperative / Credit Union

"We have been working with Certified Employment Group for several years. They have provided us with temporary help as well as direct hire placements and the level of their candidates has always been above average. What makes them different from other agencies is when they say they don't want to just send over a "body" they mean it. Almost every firm will tell you that, but most don't live up to it the way Certified Employment Group does. We needed to fill administrative positions in the Santa Rosa area about two years ago and since we were new to that area I called Certified for a local referral. I was happy to learn that they also had an office in Santa Rosa and again, the customer service was excellent. We were successful in filling those positions and we continue to work with the Santa Rosa office today. I would recommend Certified Employment Group without hesitation. You won't be disappointed."
- Sue D., Construction Services

"We have worked with Certified Employment group for more than 10 years. They have always been in tune with our needs and always strive to send us candidates who match the needs of our company. I would not hesitate to refer other employers to Certified Employment Group."
- Carole H., Science Education

"Certified has never failed to provide me with qualified candidates, in a timely manner for my openings. They are one of the best agencies I have ever worked with."
- Linda F., Aerospace Engineering

"I am always extremely happy and grateful for the quick response we receive from Certified. They remain to date the only service we call upon. The staff is friendly, professional and prompt."
- Laurie L., Law Firm

"If you are an employer looking for workers, Certified Employment Group Santa Rosa, is as good as it gets, they have quality dependable people. Working with Sherie DeHaven is easy and professional, as well as the rest of her staff. I have been using Certified and specifically working with Sherie for 15+ years for my company's needs. Whether it be seasonal work or full time employment, I have never been disappointed with the person sent to me. Sherie knows her clients and the employers, and that makes for an excellent MATCH. Thank you for all your services."
- Melissa C., Native American Reservation

"They did a great job at finding two qualified people for me. What I really appreciated is not having to spend the time interviewing to get the right applicant. They did it all and in each case, sent just a few who met the need!"
- Gene I.

"I have been using Certified Employment Group for some time now. I have found their services to be very professional and effective for my companies needs. Everyone at Certified, including management and staff, have been completely professional, courteous and caring. I would recommend them to any company looking for top notch employees."
- Robert M.

Assignment Employees / Direct Hire Candidates

Sherie & staff are wonderful to work with and have helped me find great permanent full time positions. I would highly recommend them if you are in search of a job. Thank you Ladies!
- M. W., Direct Hire Candidate

In my dealings with staffing agencies as a candidate, I can say that it is rare to find staffing managers with the supportive, understanding, and above-and-beyond demeanor that is in evidence at Certified. Certified ranks high in my book and I will be referring them to my friends.
- Cathea S., Candidate

"Certified is a great agency to work with. From the front office to the recruiting staff, everyone is prompt, professional and caring. Their follow-up with all relevant employment issues is consistent and thorough. I have experience working with many agencies and must say that Certified definitely ranks near the top."
- Dorothee M., Certified Assignment Employee

"My name is Cristina and I want to share the good experiences I have encountered when dealing with my temporary agency who is Certified Employment. Since the beginning I was treated with importance and attention and that has always been greatly appreciated. Recently I have had contact with the Roseville office regarding my new medical benefits. We have been in contact by email primarily and she has responded in a very timely manner. I really appreciate the personal attention and dedication on resolving the issues I had. They answered all of my questions and have been very professional."
- Cristina H., Certified Assignment Employee

"The people I worked with in this agency reflected only the very best in consideration and support. It was my good fortune to have been a client. I was always handled in a gracious and responsive manner. Certified placed me in three temp position during the period from 2007 through 2010. (I am now retired)."
- Nancy W., Certified Assignment Employee

Certified was one of the first temp agencies I met with after achieving my paralegal certification and to be honest I wasn't sure what to expect. I had gone to other temp agencies in the past but I was never really impressed because they seemed happy to meet me but then I never heard from them again. With Certified it was different from the start. At my first meeting, [the recruiter] spent a half hour walking me through my resume and how I could make improvements to it. Thanks to Certified, I've been able to work with law firms and companies across the Bay Area that would have otherwise overlooked my resume completely. If you are looking for a place that is going to go the extra mile for you and always has your best interest at heart, look no further than Certified.
- Christopher J., Candidate

I highly recommend this company.
If you have any employment needs please contact this company.
They have a very talented and amazing Recruiter team.

Not only did I get a great job within a couple of weeks my husband did too. We have worked with 4 other companies in town and not one has done anything for us.
This company I give 5 stars for professionalism, dedication and class.
Thank you again to the fabulous team.

They are STARS...."
- Michelle M., Candidate

"I've been affiliated with Certified for several years. Every time I contact [them] they are very friendly, open and accessible. Even without asking, they have sent me job referrals or relevant information. I'm registered with quite a few agencies around town and none of them remember me. They not only always remember me, but remember my background and interests. A high end staffing firm - with a high end staff - that Santa Rosa is very lucky to have!"
- Kimberlee F., Candidate

"As sometimes happens, I found myself unemployed after my last employer eliminated my position after restructuring. I started sending out resumes and contacted several staffing agencies in San Francisco. I interviewed at 3 different agencies including Certified. While the other two agencies left me feeling underwhelmed, my recruiter at Certified made me feel motivated and optimistic. See more.

A few days after I met with my recruiter, she called and had scheduled an interview for me. I was stunned and excited at how quickly she had a potential position for me. Two weeks after I had first met with them, I had already started temping with the company I had interviewed with! Not only am I grateful at how quickly she found me a position, but the company she placed me with was everything I was looking for (positive, friendly, with room for growth). After a month of temping, I was informed that they wanted to offer me a permanent position with the company!

I would say the main difference between Certified and other staffing agencies is that they genuinely care about the people they place and the companies they place them with. They even dropped off cookies to my boss and I, just because. All in all I simply cannot say enough good things about my experiences with Certified. I highly recommend their services!"See Less.
- Henriette P., Candidate

"What a great website. I would like to thank Certified Employment in Santa Rosa. They have gone above their job duties to assist me with finding a job. When the company I was working for reduced their work force, they were very supportive and helped me out spiritually, as well as assisting me in another job placement."
- Sovanny P., Candidate

"I wanted to acknowledge Certified Employment Group. I was in the middle of closing my store and needed to supplement my income on a part time basis. [They] found me a job immediately. I found the office staff to be very professional, caring and friendly. I was very impressed with the knowledge of local businesses and community of the staff and the devotion to help others seek employment opportunities. I have since then found a permanent position with the guidance and support of the staff, and I am very appreciative of all Certified did to assist me in my time of need."
- Alicia M., Direct Hire Candidate

"Out of all the temp agencies I have had interviews with, Certified was the nicest staff and had great know how. I will go back to them if I ever need a new job. Thanks again and great turn around."
- Sidney T., Candidate

"I was referred to Certified by my former employer. Certified's staff were friendly and helpful. At a very stressful time in my life, they made me feel better about my financial and job situation. I believe the staff went above and beyond their job duties, assisting me with my resume and giving me leads for other job opportunities outside of their clientele base. I would highly recommend Certified to any business and employee looking for work."
- Billy D., Candidate

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