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Manufacturing Operations Specialist - Expert (548426)

Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Type: Full-Time, Temporary

The Photo Chemical Milling (PCM) Department is in the PMTC (Precision Mesoscale Technology Center) Department. The PCM Department is referred to as Chemical Milling or Chem Mill. This area is made up of several processes that turn flat sheet metal into dynamic shaped parts for emerging technology developments.

The Chem Mill area is responsible for the cutting the sheet metal into usable sheet, cleaning the sheets to remove biological and non-biological elements, applying a photo resist and image to the sheet, developing the image, chemically etching the image into or though the metal and then applying a shape to the part when indicated.

The entire process requires staff to wear appropriate PPE based on the process they are operating. Safety is very important and must adhered to at all times: when using metal shears, handling metal sheets, working around multiple chemicals (Acids and Bases). The PPE for the department differs based on the process but includes a variety of tools such as thin and thick chemical gloves, safety glasses, chemical goggles, face shields, protective footwear and aprons. The machines used in the PCM shop require hearing protection such as ear plugs or muffs. The Chem Mill department has two process areas with special working conditions: one yellow light in two process areas to maintain the integrity of the photo image, the other is a clean room to maintain high quality images (free from debris). The clean room is not as high a rating as most clean rooms but does require some gowning.

Preferred Qualifications:

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